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After the rescue of our entire solar system, swept up into a super massive Dyson sphere, there is evidence of advanced civilizations inhabiting the interior Rim. It beckons the people of Earth to journey to its surface to make First Contact.

Major problems emerge across the globe in the development and sending of a vessel to carry the astronauts. A special visitor arrives to assist and take them on a trip of incredible discoveries. Meantime, political conditions on Earth deteriorate under the inspiration and guidance of humanity’s ancient enemy, Satan.


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An unassuming astronomer and her family find themselves and the entire world dislocated after she makes a series of major interstellar discoveries that lead to the worst threat to Earth ever. Everyone tries to carry on with life as best they can, seeking normalcy in the midst of the news that the Earth has less than four years. Then she makes another discovery even more remarkable that opens the door to our first contact with an advanced civilization that has come to our rescue. The future of our solar system, the sun, and the Earth will never be the same again.

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